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Laura M Hughes Editing & Proofreading - 20% Discount for SPFBO authorsPublishing is tough. Self-publishing is tougher still. Whether you’re an experienced pro or an aspiring debutante, you deserve huge respect for deciding to forge your own path. Equally, you deserve access to affordable, quality editing services that can prevent tiny problems within your manuscript from becoming big obstacles between you and your goal. This is what I’m here for.laura-m-hughes-green-dragon-swirl-para-break-divider

 Services & rates

Here’s a basic rundown of the services I can provide. Please see below for further details and contact information.

Proofreading only. I will provide a single, line by line read through of your manuscript to find and correct typos, misspellings, missing words, missing punctuation, and obvious continuity or format errors (misaligned paragraphs, line indents, font changes, and similar.)

Price for proofreading: £0.003/$0.005 per word (e.g. a manuscript of 80,000 words = £240/$400)

For clean manuscripts which are almost ready for publication. In addition to a complete proofread (see above) I will also do the following:

  • Check that your work is consistent throughout, both in style and content.
  • Check that your text is clear and readable, and suggest amendments if necessary.
  • Check that names of people and things are used appropriately.
  • Flag any overused words or actions.

Price for copy editing: £0.004/$0.006 per word (e.g. a manuscript of 80,000 words = £320/$480)

For manuscripts which are structurally and developmentally sound but are in need of some prose-based assistance. In addition to the basic copy edit (see above), I will:

  • Work on a line-by-line basis to flag any issues with clarity and/or efficiency of prose.
  • Suggest revisions in sentence and paragraph structure to improve the flow of your story.
  • Flag inconsistencies in voice and/or style.
  • Suggest revisions to improve the flow of dialogue.

Price for line editing: £0.006/$0.0075 per word (e.g. a manuscript of 80,000 words = £480/$600)

(Please note: since this level of editing is likely to result in extensive changes to the manuscript, the line edit does not include a final proofread.)

Exactly the same as the line editing option above, plus an additional proofread/light copy edit once the suggested line edits have been put into effect. (So, two separate passes of your manuscript.)

Price for line editing + proofread bundle: £0.007/$0.009 per word (e.g. a manuscript of 80,000 words = £560/$720)


Why me?

I have a thorough understanding of the English language, supported by a First-class honours degree in English Literature. In addition to a distinction-level master’s degree in the same subject, I also hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and have experience working as a qualified teacher of English at KS3, GCSE and A-level.

Which is all very well, but doesn’t tell you very much about me. Here are a few more things you might like to know to help you decide whether or not we might be compatible.

I have:

  • Substantial and up-to-date knowledge of the speculative fiction genre
  • Published several non-fiction articles on Tor.com
  • Successfully self-published my own novelette, Danse Macabre
  • Spent years actively engaging with the fantasy writing community
  • Enthusiastically participated in initiatives such as the SPFBO and ShoreIndie contests
  • Regularly promoted and contributed to Fantasy-Faction, where I currently hold the position of Assistant Editor

I hope you’ll agree that my genre knowledge, writing experience and academic qualifications place me in an excellent position to help you out.laura-m-hughes-green-dragon-swirl-para-break-divider

Other details

Here’s a few more things you might like to know:

  • I’ll edit speculative fiction manuscripts of any length
  • All changes will be made in Word using the ‘track changes’ feature
  • All comments will be added in Word using the ‘comments’ feature
  • Payment will be due immediately upon completion, and will be taken via Paypal
Please also note that I will not take on manuscripts that are in their early stages or in need of more rigorous changes than those listed in the sections above. For critique and developmental editing, try contacting the talented and highly-recommended Josephine Hao.

Contact me

Still not sure? Get in touch! Email me at korladis (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line ‘Editing Query’, or use the contact form here. Be sure to include your full name, and feel free to send a sample of your work so that I can provide you with a no-obligation quote. (Make sure to specify a deadline so that I can confirm whether or not I’m available!)
If you decide that we’re just not compatible, then I wish you the best of luck anyway. If we’re on the same page and you decide that I am the perfect fit for you and your manuscript, I look forward to collaborating with you!


Professional, witty, incisive and punctual, Laura is not only a delight to work with but a real boon to my writing.

– Phil Tucker

Incredible attention to detail and sense for the author’s style. Wonderful to work with. I’d recommend Laura to anyone and everyone!

Dyrk Ashton
I had the opportunity to work with Laura when she proofread a proposal for me and was delighted with her feedback. She didn’t waste my time with inconsequential notes but quickly grasped both the voice and the style I wanted to convey for this particular storyline. Her notes helped me cultivate a much stronger manuscript prior to submission, and I would most certainly trust her proofreading skills and professionalism for future works.

Teresa Frohock
I’ve worked with Laura on numerous occasions when producing articles and features for Fantasy Faction, and my own site. Her eye for detail is only trumped by her inventiveness and enthusiasm. Prompt, precise, and a pleasure to deal with!
Michael Everest
I may be early into my writing career, but I’ve already worked with several editors, and if I have my way, I’ll only be working with Laura from here on out. Professional, precise and punctual, she’s the real deal whether you’re looking for a proof or a deep and insightful examination of your manuscript. Highly recommended.
– Steven Kelliher