2017: The Big Backlist Burndown

I’m sure you can sympathise when I confess that I own more books than I can possibly read in my lifetime. My shelves, floors, attic and Kindle are loaded with literally hundreds of books: books bought on a whim; books from charity shops; books from as-yet-unread authors; hell, even books I pre-ordered months in advance and then failed to actually read.three-dragons-smaller

And so; inspired by Lisa (aka. Tenacious Reader), my new year’s resolution is to catch up on some of the titles I’ve been missing out on. Here’s a few of the books in my backlist – all of which I own – that I’ve been dying to read but somehow just haven’t found time for yet.

In no particular order:

Now… where the hell do I start???

4 thoughts on “2017: The Big Backlist Burndown

  1. I’ve read 10 of those, and enjoyed them all 🙂 I’d say start with Sorcerer to the Crown if you are in the mood for a fun book with a great female lead, or Long Way to a Small Angry Planet if you want a good SF book, or Binti if you want an intriguing shorter read (especially if a main character that loves math has an appeal for you. Not everyone is as dorky as I am, so that might not be as huge of a selling point for you as it was for me). The Falconer is great if you are in the mood for some romance and steam punk. Uprooted if you want a fairytale …. 🙂 Lots of great choices!

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