Here – have a free book!

In February, my current term of enrolment in KDP Select comes to an end. This means that the ebook of Danse Macabre will no longer be Amazon exclusive, and that I’m free to make it available for Kobo and other e-readers.

This also means that I only have five more free promotion days left with Amazon… and what better way to use them than to welcome in the new year?

Danse Macabre free promotion graphic January 2017

Happy new year!

FREE ebook: ‘Danse Macabre’

Danse Macabre: October Free Promotion GraphicAs I mentioned a couple of weeks back, it’s been a year since I self-published my little novelette Danse Macabre. To celebrate, it’ll be free to download throughout the next two days! (13th and 14th October)

The Amazon UK link is here. You can also click here to see some of the awesome reviews left by folks over on Goodreads.