Hey, June!

Back in March, Fantasy-Faction’s head honchos (Marc Aplin and Jennie Ivins) asked me to step up and help out with editing duties. Having written regularly for the site since July 2016, I’m familiar with the contributing team and was excited to have an opportunity to assist with acquiring, organising and editing new content. Marc’s day job has kept him away from FF throughout the past few months; when I agreed to step in, Jennie was finally able to take a well-earned break to deal with some important personal issues.

On April 9 – just one year after my grandad’s passing – my grandma died. Those who know me well are aware that this preceded my Annual Mental Breakdown. During the AMB (’17 edition), I threw myself into my new role on FF, despite Jennie’s compassionate offer to let me step away again. I buried myself in my FF editing responsibilities, and did the same with other projects and interactions in an attempt to escape from the fact that I was completely and utterly failing at Real Life.

The usual counselling, medication, GP visits and back-to-work interviews came after, and while I’m still a bit fragile I’m happy to say that the worst has passed.

However, continual involvement in online projects (such as FF) has left me somewhat burned out. Running a site that large is hard, guys – especially when you’re doing it alone. This is why I intend to stay on as assistant editor while handing the main reins back to Jennie. It’s been a challenging and eye-opening three months, but it’s also been a lot of fun. I’d like to say a brief but heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone involved in making my editorial stint such a rewarding experience. You’re amazing.

After sitting down and having a serious think about what I want to do with my life, I’ve realised several things.

  1. My own writing has been suffering for a long time
  2. I enjoy (and am good at) editing, and would like to do more of it
  3. I need to work harder and make big changes in order to fix both of these things

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve made the decision to step back from my role at Fantasy-Faction for the foreseeable future. While I’m no longer running the show over there, I intend to continue as an active part of the team and of the SFF community whilst focusing more closely on my own writing and editing.

Here are some of the things I will still be doing:

  • Co-ordinating the SPFBO effort on Fantasy-Faction
  • Building a client base for my freelance editing/proofreading business
  • Reading, critiquing and/or reviewing the few beta projects & ARCs I’ve already committed myself to
  • Writing my own book!

Mr Hughes and I are also moving house in a couple of weeks. While this is currently making everyday life even more stressful, we’re both looking forward to it, and I intend to do whatever I can to make the most of our fresh start. With that in mind, I’ve set up a Patreon page (which you can check out here) which will hopefully enable me to realise my own goals while continuing to support self-published fantasy authors.

Thanks again to the amazing friends and family who’ve put up with me during the last few months. <3

NEW: Editing Services

It’s official: my editing services are now available for hire! I’m offering high-quality line editing, copy editing and proofreading at competitive rates, with a focus on self-published fantasy fiction. I’m even offering a 20% discount to participants (past and present!) in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off! Check out this page for details, rates, and testimonials.

Head over to the page for full details. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to see my CV – and please don’t hesitate to spread the word about my new venture!


A Beginner’s Guide to Malazan Characters: Deadhouse Gates

The awesome folk at Tor.com have just published my fifth article over there! A Beginner’s Guide to Malazan Characters: Deadhouse Gates is a follow-up to last year’s guide to Gardens of the Moon.

Once again, there’s a whole bunch of fabulous artwork to accompany it, and I’d encourage you to check out all of these brilliant artists on DeviantArt!

SPFBO3: Blog Harder (With a Vengeance)

SPFBO BannerMark Lawrence has done it again. And by ‘it’, I mean kicked off another bollock-chillingly thrilling round of the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off, aka. SPFBO3 (Check out my updated SPFBO page for more details and a brief run-down of what the contest is all about, as well as links to other related articles.)spfbo-lauramhughes-small

In the meantime, here’s some banners I cobbled together. Feel free to share, download, use, mock, lick, shit on, etc., however you see fit. And if you’re on Twitter, be sure to check out the #SPFBO hashtag!

(Click on each image for an enlarged version.)

Red Sister by Mark Lawrence – review on Tor.com!

Check it! I reviewed the incredible RED SISTER by Mark Lawrence over on Tor.com.

If you haven’t read the book yet, read it NOW!

Free Promotion: DANSE MACABRE (final day!)

Wow – nearly 400 people have downloaded Danse Macabre during its free promotion week! THANK YOU to every single one you amazing people who’ve shared, read, reviewed or downloaded the book.

Even more awesomely, earlier this week my favourite cyborg (and kickass lady-author) Teresa Frohock recently called Danse Macabre a dark little gem of a novelette‘; and Drew Weldon, aka. The Tattooed Book Geek, called it ‘a stunning read’!

Here’s the universal link again: mybook.to/Danse-Macabre. I won’t be signing up for KDP Select after my current enrolment period ends (since I want to make Danse Macabre available on Kobo and other e-platforms), so this is most likely the last time it’ll be free on Amazon.  Get it while you can, peeps! 🙂Danse Macabre free promotion graphic January 2017

Here – have a free book!

In February, my current term of enrolment in KDP Select comes to an end. This means that the ebook of Danse Macabre will no longer be Amazon exclusive, and that I’m free to make it available for Kobo and other e-readers.

This also means that I only have five more free promotion days left with Amazon… and what better way to use them than to welcome in the new year?

Danse Macabre free promotion graphic January 2017

Happy new year!

Last chance for doodles!

I’m blown away by the enthusiasm surrounding Danse Macabre’s recent release in paperback. So many of you supported me by buying and sharing – and you ROCK!

More, a whole bunch of you were even willing to pay more for a signed, personalised copy. A trend soon developed of unique and increasingly elaborate doodles (or, as one Anindita nicknamed them, ‘Loodles’!), and seeing them pop up on social media has been hella fun.

Here’s the thing: I’m no artist. And while I’m pretty chuffed with how some of those doodles turned out, the fact is that they took me aaaaaaaages (up to an hour each for some of them!). Given that I’m aiming to have the first draft of my novel completed by March, I’m having to carefully consider my other commitments, and cut down on those I just don’t have the time for any more.

So! You can still grab a doodled copy of Danse Macabre as long as you place your order before the end of December. Once that clock ticks over into 2017, that’s it. Window closed.

You can order your personalised copy here, or buy a bog-standard one from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Either way – thank you, and happy new year!

A Spoonful of Thunder

This is just a quick message to implore any and all fantasy lovers and/or supporters of Doctors Without Borders to join Booknest’s Fantasy Fundraiser’s Thunderclap campaign.

What’s the deal with Thunderclap?

  1. You visit Booknest’s Thunderclap page.
  2. Select whether you’d like to show your support through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr – or all three!
  3. Connect your chosen social media account(s) (it takes less than a minute to sign in)
  4. That’s it!

On 28th December, if we make it to 100 supporters (currently we’re sitting at 60), Thunderclap will send out a one-time tweet/post through all the supporters’ accounts. Hopefully this will give us the boost we need to reach our donations target on JustGiving.

You can read more about this incredible project below!

Booknest’s Fabulous Fantasy Fundraiser

Peter Tr, founder of Booknest.eu, has organised something brilliant, turning his idea for a fun competition into an insanely exciting charity project. Check it out!
Booknest's Fantasy Fundraiser banner

Booknest’s Fabulous Fantasy Fundraiser (#BooknestFFF) brings together one hundred (100!) SFF authors in a bid to raise as much money as possible for Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières/MSF).

As you’re reading this, BFFF is raffling off books donated by myself and ninety-nine other authors. Each of the books will be signed, dedicated, and shipped straight to the winners.Booknest's Fabulous Fantasy Fundraiser

Every £1 (GBP) you donate gets you 1 ‘ticket’ in the raffle. On January 1st 2017, Peter will kick off the new year in style by drawing six winners, each of whom will receive a bundle of ten randomly selected books from the raffle.

What about the other books? Well, the remaining 40 will be split into two equal lots, both of which will be auctioned off later in January.

Médecins Sans Frontières do amazing work across the globe. And with just £1 per ticket – and all those amazing books waiting to be won! – you could help them do even more.

So enter now, and please help us spread the word. Feel free to use any of the banners above when sharing across social media, and use the hashtag #BooknestFFF.


Booknest's Fabulous Fantasy Fundraiser (Jthumbnail)