That clever bastard Mark Lawrence is a veritable wellspring of good ideas. First he gave us the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off; then, the page one critiques for aspiring writers. Now, it’s BOOK BOMBS!

Admittedly, Mark has ‘borrowed’ the idea from a certain Larry Correia (who, I’m informed, has been pushing this laudable feature for years). But the intention is the same: to support a lesser-known SFF author by spreading the word and boosting their sales as much as possible over a 24-hour period. You can read what Mark has to say about it on his own site.

Without further ado, I give you ROUGH MAGICK (GnomeSaga #1) by Kenny Soward! (Just $1.21 on Amazon, or 99p on Amazon UK!)Rough Magick (GnomeSaga 1) by Kenny Soward

(Buy it.. buy it now! And be sure to check for updates on Mark’s blog!)