Actually, it arrived a couple of months ago. I got all excited about it here on r/Fantasy. And here’s a picture of the award and the anthology in all their glory!

The Stabby Awards are held annually over on r/Fantasy, and their shiny dagger-trophies are very highly coveted. As the anthology’s main editor and organiser, I was privileged enough to not only have the award sent to me, but to also have my name engraved on it!

If you haven’t seen me talking about it, HEROES WANTED is an anthology of short fantasy stories by myself and eighteen of my fellow indie writers, including:

  • Dyrk Ashton
  • David Benem
  • Ben Galley
  • Jeramy Goble
  • Jeffrey Hall
  • Joe Jackson
  • J.C. Kang
  • Matt Moss
  • Quenby Olson (whose story “All Ends” also won the Stabby for Best Short Fiction!)
  • Andy Peloquin
  • Daniel Potter
  • M.D. Presley
  • Mike Shel
  • Derek Alan Siddoway
  • Michael J. Sullivan
  • Phil Tucker
  • K.S. Villoso
  • Will Wight

Here’s the official blurb:

Heroes Wanted: A Fantasy AnthologyWhat do you think a hero is? It’s just the right person in the right place making the right choice at the right time. Heroes aren’t born. They’re made.”

**r/Fantasy Stabby Award Winner – Best Anthology 2019**

A demonic assassin. A half-orc boxer. A ratman necromancer. Though they take many different shapes and forms, there are heroes all around us.

Bravery can be found in the most unexpected places: a subterranean dwarven city; the sands of a temple courtyard in Ancient Egypt; a besieged castle, a Victorian brothel, a goblin warren, the post-apocalyptic ruins of a demon-infested village. Heroes dwell in the shadows as well as the light; you just have to look a little harder to find them.

Who do they fight?
Some heroes challenge injustice in all its numerous guises, while others hunt monsters both human and bestial. Others battle inner demons, the ghosts of their past, their deepest nightmares – or even the gods themselves.

Why do they fight?
For glory? Sometimes. For honor? Perhaps. There are those who instinctively strive to protect those weaker than themselves, and there are others emboldened only by a sense of obligation, or the promise of wealth. Whether by the blade or other means, they endeavor to take down all who threaten what is good and right in their world.

By hook or by crook, through cunning or combat, with tooth and claw or iron and steel, they are all united in one goal, willingly or not: to live – and die, if necessary – a hero.

Choose your weapon. Fight for what you believe in. Never give up.

Nineteen fantasy writers gather to bring nineteen tales to life, each one a unique glimpse into a wholly original world.

And here’s the link to the anthology’s Amazon page. The ebook is FREE, and is also available on most other online platforms for those who prefer not to get their books from the ‘Zon. If you do download and give it a read, please be sure to leave a short review to let us know what you thought! 🙂