In the Wild

I don’t get out much. Obviously blessed at birth by the deities of diffidence, I’ve perfected the art of living in my own head – and pyjamas – for extended periods of time.

But virtual Laura has ventured further afield. Her articles, reviews and interviews have popped up in a variety of places around the web: she’s now a regular contributor at Fantasy-Faction, and has even had the privilege of writing for!

Here’s a handy list of all these guest posts, along with links to the folk who were mad enough to host such rambling nonsense.

Guest Posts/Mentions/Exciting miscellany


April 7th – I review Mark Lawrence’s Red Sister for!


January 8th – Michael R. Miller invited me to write a guest post as part of his ‘Writing Journeys’ blog series.

January 2nd – Danse Macabre gets a 5* rating – and a sensational review! – from Drew Weldon, aka. The Tattooed Book Geek.

January 1st – The one and only Teresa Frohock reviews Danse Macabre, calling it ‘a dark little gem of a novelette‘.


December 31st – My (amazing!) year in review.

December 21st – I went under the spotlight as Writer of the Day on r/Fantasy!

December 9th – Danse Macabre picks up the Gobie Award for Best Novella over at!

December 3rd – Peter Tr at gives Danse Macabre a five star review, calling it “the short story of the year“!

November 28th – publish another piece of mine – this time about The Faithful and the Fallen by John Gwynne!

November 15th – I ramble extensively about the ways in which self-publishing and the SPFBO are keeping SFF fresh and dynamic

November 13th – Danse Macabre rubs shoulders with Jay Kristoff and Mark Lawrence in James McStravick’s ‘Best of 2016‘ list over on The Bandwagon!

November 12th – I meet Marc Turner for the first time!

October 29th – Eric Fomley lauds Danse Macabre‘s depth and readability on Grimdark Alliance!

October 29th – On Fantasy-Faction, I shamelessly gush about positivity and professionalism in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off

October 21st – Angela Burkhead features Danse Macabre on her list of top Halloween reads!

October 13th – Danse Macabre gets another 5* review, this time at The Bloggin’ Hobgoblin!

October 9th – SPFBO finalist Dyrk Ashton reviews Danse Macabre!

September 21st – I interview epic fantasy author Marc Turner for Fantasy-Faction

September 19th – publish my article about Gardens of the Moon!

September 14th – Tom Owens ( reviews Danse Macabre!

August 4th10 Quick Questions: Indie author interview with G.R. Matthews

July 31st – Danse Macabre gets a glowing review on!

June 6thT. Frohock discusses my review of Los Nefilim

May 4th – I chat about flash fiction and what I learned from the Wheel of Osheim writing contest

March 13th – J.P. Ashman explores different methods of dealing with writer’s block