Anyone wanting to jump on the back of Grimdark Magazine‘s anthology Kickstarter has less than 28 hours to do so.

Evil is a Matter of Perspective: An Anthology of Antagonists on Kickstarter

Started up by the founder of GDM, Adrian Collins, this Kickstarter is a kick-ass collaboration of fantasy readers and writers. The anthology, titled ‘Evil is a Matter of Perspective, will be packed with short stories by some of the genre’s most popular and talented modern authors. Each tale will feature an antagonist from the author’s existing work.

Featuring the likes of JEFF SALYARDS, T. FROHOCK, COURTNEY SCHAFER, MARC TURNER, JANNY WURTS, ADRIAN TCHAIKOVSKY and R. SCOTT BAKKER, ‘Evil is a Matter of Perspective’ is a truly exciting project well worth investing in.

Here’s the link one more time. The clock is ticking, grimdarkians . . .