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Laura M. Hughes dwells beneath the grey, pigeon-filled skies of northern England where she reads and writes for Fantasy-Faction and When she isn’t absorbed in playing Dragon Age or working on her first novel, you’re most likely to find her raving about the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off or trying to convince unsuspecting bystanders to read The Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Hughes encourages like-minded folk to seek her out on Twitter (@halfstrungharp) and to check out her horror/fantasy novelette, Danse Macabre, on Amazon. You might also be interested in her freelance copy editing and proofreading services, details of which can be found here.Laura M Hughes Editing Services

In the Wild

 I don’t get out much. Obviously blessed at birth by the deities of diffidence, I’ve perfected the art of living in my own head – and pyjamas – for extended periods of time.

But virtual Laura has ventured further afield. Her articles, reviews and interviews have popped up in a variety of places around the web: she’s now a regular contributor at Fantasy-Faction, and has even had the privilege of writing for!

Here’s a handy list of all these guest posts, along with links to the folk who were mad enough to host such rambling nonsense. You’ll also find bits and bobs like reviews, updates, reviews, updates and reviews.

Guest Posts/Mentions/Exciting miscellany


June 29
I appear on the Grim Tidings Podcast alongside Dyrk Ashton, Jonathan French and Phil Tucker to discuss the SPFBO!

June 1 publish my article about Deadhouse Gates!

May 4
The one and only Mark Lawrence reviews Danse Macabre – and gives it FIVE STARS!

April 28
I review Brian Staveley’s Skullsworn for!

April 7
I review Mark Lawrence’s Red Sister for!

January 8
Michael R. Miller invited me to write a guest post as part of his ‘Writing Journeys’ blog series.

January 2
Danse Macabre gets a 5* rating – and a sensational review! – from Drew Weldon, aka. The Tattooed Book Geek.

January 1
The one and only Teresa Frohock reviews Danse Macabre, calling it ‘a dark little gem of a novelette‘.


December 31st – My (amazing!) year in review.

December 21st – I went under the spotlight as Writer of the Day on r/Fantasy!

December 9th – Danse Macabre picks up the Gobie Award for Best Novella over at!

December 3rd – Peter Tr at gives Danse Macabre a five star review, calling it “the short story of the year“!

November 28th – publish another piece of mine – this time about The Faithful and the Fallen by John Gwynne!

November 15th – I ramble extensively about the ways in which self-publishing and the SPFBO are keeping SFF fresh and dynamic

November 13th – Danse Macabre rubs shoulders with Jay Kristoff and Mark Lawrence in James McStravick’s ‘Best of 2016‘ list over on The Bandwagon!

November 12th – I meet Marc Turner for the first time!

October 29th – Eric Fomley lauds Danse Macabre‘s depth and readability on Grimdark Alliance!

October 29th – On Fantasy-Faction, I shamelessly gush about positivity and professionalism in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off

October 21st – Angela Burkhead features Danse Macabre on her list of top Halloween reads!

October 13th – Danse Macabre gets another 5* review, this time at The Bloggin’ Hobgoblin!

October 9th – SPFBO finalist Dyrk Ashton reviews Danse Macabre!

September 21st – I interview epic fantasy author Marc Turner for Fantasy-Faction

September 19th – publish my article about Gardens of the Moon!

September 14th – Tom Owens ( reviews Danse Macabre!

August 4th10 Quick Questions: Indie author interview with G.R. Matthews

July 31st – Danse Macabre gets a glowing review on!

June 6thT. Frohock discusses my review of Los Nefilim

May 4th – I chat about flash fiction and what I learned from the Wheel of Osheim writing contest

March 13th – J.P. Ashman explores different methods of dealing with writer’s block

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